“Excuse me sir, your garbage bag is showing.”

I try to hit the gym 5 times a week for at least 45 minutes.  I am determined to not only get in better shape but maintain a healthy weight and figure since I am now in my 30s.  It is no joke that everything starts to sag, slow down, and down right go soft around this age and later on.  Yesterday I was on the treadmill partially watching some crappy TV show they have one until something caught my eye.  At first I didn’t think much of it because people will wear just about anything to the gym.  I have seen a woman working out in white linen pants.  No joke.  White.linen.pants.  *sigh*  Anyway.  There was a person on a bike in the row in front of me working hard until I noticed that toward the end of the work-out he was wearing a trash bag under his shirt.  I was very tempted to ask the person if they were okay because it was noticeable that their body was very overworked after 20 minutes on the bike.  This is so unhealthy and dangerous, and I hope no one else is trying this at home!

I understand that there is a current fitness obsession that a lot of people are undergoing in the US.  Look at the sudden surge of all these fitness employees who work from home selling workout DVDs, shakes, and wraps.  I see it all over facebook and beyond.  There is a healthy way to achieve weight loss and health and there are some very unhealthy ways that can do more harm than good, if not kill you.

  • Clothing matters:  You do not have to own the latest and greatest fitness clothing but it has to be able to move and grove with you comfortably as you are having fun sweating it out.  Invest in good sneakers and socks.  Your feet need to be properly supported since they absorb some of the shock from all that moving and grooving.  Also, all that sweat need to be wicked away from your foot to avoid athletes foot.  Anyone can get this – from football players to grandma power walking in the park.
  • Hydrate your heart out:  No matter who you are, how big or small you are, you need to stay hydrated.  Bring a water-bottle that’s huge, take adequate breaks and drinks.  I don’t advocate drinking any of those smoothies or whatever people do before or after a workout.  Your body is made of water, not a protein shake.  If you are into juicing, you should be juicing through your day, not around a workout.  Gatoraid is an okay substitute but only if you are doing a serious run or weight lifting session.  I’m talking those who run 2-3 miles a day or are weight training.  The rest of us just need to replenish with water and healthy foods.
  • Leave the old school ways in the past:   Yes, there used to be a time where some would sit in a steam room or sauna in sweat pants, sweatshirt with a few layers underneath just to drop 10 pounds over the course of a few days.  I know of women who still do this too but with shape=wear as well as men who practice various athletics.  It’s not healthy and your body does not deserve the punishment!
  • Maintain Positivity:  This is the most important aspect.  Love yourself through the entire process, respect the skin you are in and that will help in reaching your desired goals.  The moment you go negative, you are headed toward a plateau that is hard to break.

Whether you are working in a group, with a buddy or going it alone, make sure you are taking the proper steps to stay safe as to not get discouraged.  Trust the process, give it time and you will see results.  Love yourself & drink up!